Rainy Day

Crop Updates


What a season for tomatoes!  So far, members have received 29 pounds of a rainbow array of the sweet, juicy fruits in their CSA shares.  I expect we’ve hit the peak of tomato season; this week members get 7 pounds.

As the rains keep coming, be aware that lots of rain tends to split tomatoes, especially the more tender heirlooms.

The sweet potato vines are growing exceptionally well, even after an initial setback by hungry deer.  We will harvest sweet potatoes  in early October, cure them for two weeks, and they will be in the shares and at the market in late October.

In this rainy day photo, you can see the change from summer to fall crops. On the left are tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and summer squash.  Under the white row cover is arugula and bok choi, and on the right are two rows of lettuce trying desperately to make it through the thunderstorms without being washed away.

Speaking of summer squash, I seed squash four times throughout the season to produce a continuous supply.  The first two plantings went wild – I couldn’t stop them from producing tasty green, yellow, and green/yellow squash if I tried.  Then this week, the latest planting took a turn for the worse.  Normally, I would be upset at the sudden loss of any crop.  But when I  calculated that members have received over 32 pounds of summer squash already this season, I thought, maybe nature is saying it’s time for a break from summer squash.  The fourth and last squash planting looks healthy and should start producing in a few weeks; so you will see a bit more squash before summer’s end.

Photo Updates

Radix Farm’s stand at the August 7th Cheverly Farmers Market.

Preying Mantis Friend.  This mantis travelled with us from the farm, to the market, and back where it endured a long photo shoot until flying away.

Sprout, the cutest dog on the farm.


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