There are only three more CSA memberships available for the Friday pick-up in Capitol Hill – so send your enrollment forms in soon to secure your space (see  below for sign-up details).  The Mt. Pleasant CSA pick-up site is now full and we are not accepting any new members for this season;  a big thanks to all my returning members and welcome to new members!  

Anyone who would like to be notified when shares go on sale for the 2012 season should email radixfarm(at) and ask to be added to the 2012 notification list.

Field Update

I am pleased to report that the spring planting is going smoothly.  The deer and groundhogs have been kind to the collards, kale and cabbage seedlings, the sugar snap peas have sprouted, and the deep green garlic leaves are popping through the field of mulch, just waiting to send up their scapes in June.

The past week of near perfect weather gave me many opportunities to transplant young chard and lettuce seedlings and tractor about, incorporating cover crops to get the fields ready for future planting.   The tomatoes will be planted into what was a patch of hairy vetch, a cover crop planted for its nitrogen fixing capabilities and beneficial effects on succeeding crops.  Hopefully you can come to the farm sometime this season to see all the cover crops and food crops in action.


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