CSA is full for 2011

Membership Update

Thanks to everyone who signed up for a CSA share with Radix Farm.  We have sold all the shares (40 members this year!) and are no longer accepting new members for the 2011 CSA season.   If you would like to receive notification about next year’s CSA, email radixfarm(at)gmail.com and we’ll send you sign-up information next winter.

Crop Update

The potato crop looks amazing this year.  With 900 row feet planted, if all goes well, you can expect delicious and tender white, pink, and blue potatoes throughout the season.

Potato Plants

Over the past week or so, we transplanted the first round of tomatoes.  After months of being babied in the greenhouse, I hardened them off for a week or two outside, and they are now adapting nicely to their new environment.  Round two will be planted in about two weeks.

Tomato Plants

And in other exciting news – After much research and deliberation, I have finally purchased a new Grillo 107d walk-behind, or two-wheel, tractor.   Manufactured in Italy, Grillo tractors, along with BCS, are the machines of choice for many farms under 5 acres.   They can run over 40 different implements.  So far I have the tiller attachment and the rotary plow, and someday I hope to get a flail mower.   Ready for the most exciting part?  The tractor runs on biodiesel! Hooray for no gas guzzling.  And Sprout seems to like it too.

Grillo Walk-Behind Tractor and Sprout


One response to “CSA is full for 2011

  1. May I please try it? You know how good I am with an electric mower 🙂

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