From Drought to Flood . . . Still Farming

What a year for farming.  Close to no rain in July.  Over five inches of rain from the hurricane, and now 11 more inches of rain just last week.  At this point, I am happy and amazed to be delivering CSA shares and hopeful that I can continue to provide tasty and substantial shares for the remainder of the season.  Though, with some major crop losses, the shares will be smaller and less diverse than I planned.  But that is the nature of farming.  And also why I am so thankful for the CSA model and to every one of my shareholders for investing in CSA and standing with the farm through the crop over-abundances and the weather-induced catastrophes.  The members are the backbone of the farm – Thank You!

I’ve been meaning to post photos for a long time.  Finally, here’s a look at the last month of farming at Radix.

Ahh, remembering the season’s tomato bounty.

Genevieve in the field picking beans.

Fall seedlings (lettuce and fennel) waiting to be transplanted.

Radicchio and fennel in the field.  Head lettuce ready to be transplanted.

Same radicchio/lettuce bed on Thursday afternoon after 9 inches of rain.  The raised beds seem to help a bit, but the shear volume of water challenges the plant roots ability to breathe.

Thursday, 9/8, a new stream forms across the field, through the fall kale planting. 

The mini-stream has since dried, and though it took out a section of the kale planting, the rest of the row is doing well.

As Fall Approaches

Fall is just around the corner.  On the farm that means a major harvesting effort to get the potatoes and sweet potatoes in, garlic planting in October, and general clean up pulling in the irrigation systems, tomato stakes, ground cover, and more.   Fall also brings beautiful cooler weather and amazing scenery as the farm turns from every shade of green to an amazing array of autumn beauty.  What better time to volunteer for a few hours while taking in the sights and sounds of fall?

Volunteering on the Farm

Any morning or afternoon during the week generally works for volunteering, with Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays best.  For weekend volunteering, potential Saturday mornings available are September 17th, October 1st, October 8th, and/or October 29th.  If you would like to volunteer any weekday or any of the Saturday morning listed, call or email to confirm the time/date.

Happy Eating

– Kristin


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