End of Season, Sweet Potatoes

2011 Season Comes to an End 

First, a few thanks . . . 

This Friday, November 4th, is the last CSA delivery of the regular season.  October just flew by – I can’t believe the year is over already.  Thanks so much to all the CSA members for your support and for making this another great year.

A special thanks to the Radix Farm interns, Genevieve and Mo.  These two dedicated, amazing farmers worked hard with me throughout the season harvesting and weeding and planting and talking farm-talk all day long.   Hooray for new farmers!

And finally, thanks to everyone who volunteered throughout the season – your assistance and company greatly contributed to a successful season at Radix Farm.

Thanksgiving Week Share

I will likely be able to offer a special Thanksgiving Week Share (depending on the crop availability).  If you’ll be in town for Thanksgiving and need to whip up a delicious feast, you can purchase a share of  local, seasonal, and organically grown produce from Radix Farm to make your holiday meal shine.    I’ll post more details next week, but I will deliver shares on Monday, November 21st, each share costs $30, and will probably include cabbage, cooking greens, salad greens, sweet potatoes, garlic, turnips, and radishes.  Depending on availability and interest from current members, this offer will be open to non-members as well.  If interested, email radixfarm(at)gmail.com.

Sweet Potatoes

Once again, we harvested a bumper crop of sweet potatoes, bringing in nearly a ton of the beautiful orange tuberous roots. Sweet potatoes are often said to be a super-food.  They have huge amounts of Vitamin A and C, as well as Vitamin B6, Potassium, Manganese, Copper and are good source of dietary fiber.  Plus, they are totally delicious cooked sweet or savory, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Yup, for breakfast too.  Try having a baked (or microwaved to save time) sweet potato with butter and a dash of cinnamon to get you going in the morning.

A quick note to my CSA members: don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of sweet potatoes you received in the share.  Sweet potatoes should store well throughout the winter.  Try to keep them near 55 degrees and in a dark, dry place.

Sweet Potatoes for Sale

Contact me if would like to purchase sweet potatoes in bulk (minimum amounts apply).  Discounts for purchases of one or more cases (30 pounds/case).   The variety is Covington, with rose color skin and orange flesh.


And check out this link http://www.ncsweetpotatoes.com/sweet-potato-recipes/ for TONS of sweet potato recipe ideas.


Happy Eating,

Farmer Kristin


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