I Think It’s Winter

Farm Press

I recently attended my favorite yearly farm gathering, the Young Farmers Conference at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in NY.  The conference is a great opportunity to meet and chat with new and aspiring farmers to share farming stories, struggles, insights, and tricks of the trade.   While at the conference, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by NPR.  Check out the story here:  http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2011/12/12/143459793/who-are-the-young-farmers-of-generation-organic.

2012 CSA Sign-Up

If you are interested in becoming a new CSA member for the 2012 season, send an email to radixfarm(at)gmail.com to get on the 2012 notification list.  Everyone on the list will receive information in mid February or early March with details on how to join.  Members from the 2011 season have the opportunity to re-join first, then any open slots will be filled  on a first come, first served basis according to the directions in the notification email.     General information on the CSA is available now in the  CSA: General Information tab.

Winter Time Activities

People often ask,  “What do you do for the winter?”  Well, after a wonderful weeklong vacation in December to San Francisco (I tried surfing for the first time – brrrr cold, but fun!), it’s now time to hunker down for a year’s worth of record keeping, making a 2012 planting plan, ordering seeds, winter farm-improvement projects, and by February first, back in the greenhouse starting seeds for the next season.  The pace slows down, but farmers stay plenty busy in the winter too.

And, since October, Radix has been selling farm-fresh produce to Big Bear Cafe once a week.   If you want to enjoy a bit of Radix Farm’s bounty in the winter, stop by Big Bear for a tasty dinner

Happy Eating!

– Kristin


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