Mini-greenhouse Up, CSA Sales Start Soon

CSA Update

Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in the CSA for the 2012 season.  If you haven’t already, be sure to email radixfarm(at) to get on the notification list.  There are now about fifty folks on the list (and likely only 10-20 openings), so keep your eye out for emails from Radix Farm over the next few weeks with instructions on how to join.

* Last year’s members – you will automatically receive renewal information and you have first choice to rejoin for 2012. *

CSA Sign-Up

I am in the process of determining  farmers market days and CSA drop off days for the 2012 season.  I  hope to finalize the seasonal schedule by March 2.  If so, then sales to returning CSA members will begin on March 5.  Returning members will have roughly a week to rejoin, and then membership will open to new members on approximately March 15.  Radix Farm will deliver shares to Columbia Heights and Petworth.  Final details on drop off sites and pick-up procedures will be posted here and emailed in early March.   See the CSA: General Information tab for more info.

Farm Happenings

I felt super accomplished this week when I finished building the greenhouse-within-a-greenhouse.  Instead of heating the entire greenhouse, I can now focus on only heating the mini-greenhouse and save lots of energy.  To help the seeds germinate, I’ll start the seed trays inside the mini-house where it’s nice and warm.  Some seeds, like cucumbers and tomatoes, germinate best at a toasty 85 degrees.  Then, after the little green shoots pop up through the soil, I’ll move them out to the larger space to grow on until they’re ready to transplant.  Also, if a cold snap comes, I can tuck the most sensitive seedlings back into the mini-house for the night.  Here’s a brief look at the project . . .

Getting started with my helper, Sprout.     The basic structure is up and ready for the hoops and plastic.


I bent electrical conduit for the top hoop supports.  Then I affixed the plastic with staples around the perimeter and used velcro for the door and window.  Inside there are shelves to hold lots of seedling trays, a fan, and a space heater connected to a thermostat.  Now I’m ready to start seeding.


Outside, the garlic peaks through the straw mulch, growing strong.  And the first trays of the season – onions in the greenhouse.


Getting excited for the season.  Hope you are too,

Farmer Kristin


3 responses to “Mini-greenhouse Up, CSA Sales Start Soon

  1. How beautiful! You’re amazing.

  2. Mini-greenhouse looks great. I can see that Sprout did most of the work.

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