Returning Member CSA Sign-Up in Progress. Almost Time for New Member Applications.

Last year’s Radix Farm CSA members have until March 12th to renew their membership. We’ll then know how many new CSA slots are available for 2012.   We don’t expect to have more than 20 openings, so be sure to look over the CSA options below and sign up quickly when the new member application period begins.

New CSA memberships for the 2012 season will be available on or about March 15th, at which time memberships will be sold in the order in which we receive applications.  We’ll post the CSA Membership Application online later next week.

2012 Radix Farm CSA 

There are a few big changes coming to Radix Farm this year.  I’m happy to announce that Radix will be attending the Petworth Community Farmers Market on Friday evenings and will be offering a new type of CSA pick-up at the Market.  Unfortunately, attending the Petworth Market on Friday means that we will have to cancel the Friday CSA delivery to the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  We will continue to deliver shares to St. Stephens Church on Tuesday evenings and hope to be back in Capitol Hill in the future.

CSA Options

By joining Radix Farm’s CSA, you get more than just a box of veggies dropped off on a porch.   Our CSA pick-ups are farmers market style – our produce is beautifully displayed and you select the items that you want from within the weekly guidelines.  You can connect with the farmer each week and meet and chat with other members at the pick-up site.  You can choose from two pick-up options and locations:  Regular CSA Pick-Up or Market CSA Pick-Up.

Regular CSA Pick-Up

Pick-up at St. Stephens Church, 1525 Newton St NW (at 16th St).  On Tuesdays between 5:30pm – 7:00pm, beginning late May through early November.  22 weekly deliveries.  $675 per share


Market CSA Pick-Up

Pick-up at the Petworth Community Farmers Market, 9th St. NW, at Georgia Ave and between Upshur and Taylor St.  On Fridays, from 4:00pm – 8:00pm, May – October 26,  approximately 24 weeks.  Either $425 or $625, debit system.

 Details about each option is available in the CSA Information tab.

Supporting Local Agriculture 

And, though I’m sure many of you know why it’s great to join a CSA, here is a little refresher. 

Joining and supporting a CSA has many direct benefits to the customer, such as a steady supply of pesticide free, local, and healthy food, the opportunity to try new and unique vegetables, a connection to the land and the people who produce your food, and fresh produce (picked the same day) delivered to your neighborhood.  But there are additional benefits that reach well beyond the individual customer or farmer. Each person that chooses to join a CSA and/or to eat organic, fresh, local food is also choosing to support farmland conservation, to sustain alternatives to synthetic agriculture systems, to strengthen local food security, to uphold the genetic diversity of seed stock, and to increase the viability and sustainability of farming.  Our eating choices are one of our biggest overall influences on the planet, so make your food choices count. 

Thank you for supporting local and organic agriculture in whatever ways you can.  

– Farmer Kristin


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