May Showers Bring May Vegetables…

March showers are supposed to bring April flowers, but it’s been pretty dry at the farm for the last 2 months.  So the recent rainstorms are welcome by farmers and vegetables alike here in Upper Marlboro, MD.  And no worries, we’ve built an irrigation system to the nearby spring water pond in case the dry days return.

The potatoes, lettuce, peas, garlic, kale, chard, cabbage, collards, and scallions are thriving with the recent rains.  With the threat of frost past (but who knows with our crazy weather!), we’ve transplanted truckloads of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and melons in the field from the greenhouse.  Like every year, we are trying a few new varieties, so we hope to have a couple of surprises at the Petworth Farmer Market or the CSA this summer.

Speaking of the CSA, the Tuesday Regular CSA pick-up has only one more opening, so fill out the application soon. Click here to learn more about the Tuesday CSA and how to sign up.

After a great start to the market season, Radix Farm is currently accepting new CSA members for the Friday Petworth Market CSA pick-up.   The Petworth Farmers Market CSA Pick-Up is a debit style system, where members begin a discounted debit account with the farm and shop for produce at the Radix Farm stand at the Petworth Farmers Market during market hours (4pm-8pm) each Friday using account credit. This style allows you to choose what you want from the available harvest, and when you want it.  Learn more about the Petworth CSA pick-up here.

Finally, as the radishes near harvest, we recently learned from the online magazine Soiled and Seeded about a fascinating festival in Oxaca, Mexico called Noche de Rabanos (Night of the Radishes).  It’s an annual festival where the beloved radish is carved into scenes depicting historical, religious and everyday urban spectacles.  So bring your carved radish to the Petworth market and show us what you got!

Chris Bohner in an intern at Radix Farm, and works on Farm-to-School programs with the union UNITE HERE.


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