Fall comes to Radix

Post from farmhand Kelly. You can find more photos of fall at the farm on Facebook, here.

Fall is here.  You’ve seen it as kids head back to school, temperatures drop into the oh-so-cool 60s and 70s, and the leaves just barely start to change their color.  At the farm, we’re grateful for the cooler temperatures, the subsequent die-off of certain pests, and the abundance of new crops to harvest.

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We have greens again at long last, in more varieties and flavors than we can sometimes remember: mixed greens, arugula, head lettuce, radicchio, endive, senposai, Chinese thick stem, tat soi, bok choy, broccoli raab, kale (4 varieties!), collards… I hope I’m not forgetting any of our beloved greens.  We also again have beets, hakurei turnips, purple top turnips, and radishes and broccoli will be ready soon.  We’ve harvested all our winter squash, and are in the midst of getting through 600 row feet of sweet potatoes.  Let us know if you want to volunteer, wink, wink.  We’re enjoying the last of the tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and herbs that are still kicking around, and will soon harvest the ginger that has been growing all year in (what was) the greenhouse.

As some of you may know (and gotten to enjoy), more and more of the chickens are laying these days.  We’ve also been surprised to learn that one of the flock of presumed hens is actually a rooster.  He’s just begun to learn how to cock-a-doodle-doo, much to our chagrin.  We also have a few new specialty crops this year along with the ginger: cardoon which we are currently blanching (like artichoke, we are told), and hops, which we are currently drying as we prepare to find someone to brew the first Radix Ale 🙂

Fall has also brought new visitors and residents to the farm.  Punky, the adorable new farm puppy (to be promoted to farm dog at a later date), joined our ranks in August and has been doing her part harvesting sweet potatoes and generally being cute around the farm.  We enjoyed a strange and prolonged visit from Homer the homing pigeon in August as well, though he has since flown on, presumably to his..er… home.  Our most recent visitors were interns and staff from Arcadia Farms who helped us for a morning and checked out our operations.. thanks again!

Now we’re doing the good work of preparing for the winter; putting away tools and irrigation lines, seeding cover crop, and planting things to overwinter like garlic and 400 new row feet of strawberries.  It’s been a great, if tough, season, and we’re excited to share a bountiful fall harvest with you all!


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