Food Mythbusting Video feat. Radix Farm

Hurricane Sandy is in our midst. Rain is pouring down, the wind is picking up, and poor Punky the farm puppy is scared (though not Sprout “tough as nails” farm dog).   I did what I could to prepare the farm – battened down, stored supplies in the barn, harvested all the sweet potatoes.  Now we just wait and hope that we stay safe and that there will be a few veggies left to harvest at the end of the week.  At least Sandy gives me the perfect opportunity to catch up on blog posts and office work (until the power goes out that is).

Without further ado, here is the great unveiling of Radix Farm’s Food Hero video.  Click on image below to watch video.

Released as part of a Food Mythbusters campaign by Real Food Media Project, Radix Farm’s Food Hero video accompanies an animated short  that takes on the myth that we need industrial agriculture to feed the world. Food Mythbusters is  a collaborative initiative to inspire, educate, and grow the movement for sustainable food and farming across the United States. Major project partners include Anna Lappe (Diet for a Hot Planet), Free Range Studios (of Meatrix fame), and Corporate Accountability International.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Lappe at the recent Real Food Hopkins 100-mile meal in Baltimore.  Students in the Johns Hopkins chapter of Real Food Challenge  organized a Food Day Celebratory screening of the Food Mythbusters video and Farmer Hero video and served a delicious meal all sourced from within 100 miles.

In separate news, this weekend Slow Food DC awarded Radix Farm the Snail of Approval award. The Snail of Approval recognizes those eateries and artisans who contribute to the Quality, Authenticity and Sustainability of the food we eat in the Washington, DC metro area.  Thanks Slow Food!!  And congratulations to all the other 2012 award winners.

Wishing everyone a safe week ahead.

– Farmer Kristin


One response to “Food Mythbusting Video feat. Radix Farm

  1. I used my “hurrcation” time to catch up on blogging, too! I attended the 100 Mile Meal and enjoyed hearing from you and Anna. Congrats on all your success thus far!

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