Welcome & Introduction to 2013 Growing Season

Hi! Welcome to the 2013 growing season. My name is John Costa. I will work at Radix Farm once a week this year. I am coming into farming as a second career. My passion about growing food stems (no pun intended) from an interest in revitalizing the small farm sector while building resiliency and redundancy in our food system by developing a robust local food economy.

The connection to Radix was made through the CASA Future Harvest Beginning Farmers Training Program, which pairs a beginning farmer like myself with an experienced farmer of Kristin’s caliber. She will be my mentor. I will work with her “shoulder-to-shoulder” to learn how to grow commercially through application, dialogue, and research.

Growing up, I would help my parents and grandparents grow fruits and vegetables in our backyard. They grew crops they missed from our native Bangladesh. My favorite part was watering the plants every evening so that we would have fresh tomatoes, cilantro, squash, chili peppers, and leafy greens. There is nothing like tasting fresh picked vegetables and herbs and having them for dinner. The smell and taste are unparalleled. That is what draws me back to the land to become a farmer.

My aspiration is to grow intensively year-round on a couple of acres. This past fall and winter, as an apprentice at ECO City Farms (located in Edmonston, MD), I had an opportunity to observe and learn through application how to manage a small-scale intensive farming operation. The variety of crops that you can grow as the temperature drops close to freezing and daylight hours dwindle to less than 10 hours a day blew my mind. At Radix, I will see how to grow in a semi-rural setting at the other end of small-scale agriculture operation.

I am really excited to grow some of the produce you will be eating this year. Looking forward to meeting you when you come to pick up your produce at our farm stand this year. Until then, be merry and be well.

– John


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