Thanks for a Great Season!

As the weather turns cold and darkness falls early, outdoor farm activity is winding down here at Radix Farm.  Over the last few weeks we’ve harvested the rest of the winter storage crops, planted cover crops where summer veggies once grew, picked up and stored irrigation lines until next spring, and winterized the equipment.   After a much-needed vacation for Thanksgiving week, farm work will transition inside where I pour over the 2013 records and make planting plans and order seeds for 2014.  And this winter, as weather permits, we’ll build a nice new high tunnel to extend the harvest season.

2013 was a bountiful and successful season.  We grew and harvested over 60 different crops, put and additional half-acre into production, trained two amazing new farmers through the Beginning Farmer Training Program, and donated over 1250 pounds of produce to agencies in need.  Though there was a bit of a drought near the end of the season, we also managed to make it through 2013 without any major weather calamity (ut oh, hope i didn’t just summon another snowmageddon).

We couldn’t have done it all without the support of our CSA members, loyal farmers market customers (thanks for coming rain or shine), supportive families, and most of all, hard-working volunteers and farm staff.  Thanks everyone!  And a big thanks to Susan, John, and Andrew!!!!

Now for a brief look back through 2013.


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